How to Delete Voicemail Messages on iPhone

How to delete voicemail messages on iPhone? Why should you clean your iPhone voicemails at a regular interval?


As an iPhone user, you probably get a great number of voicemail messages stored in your mobile phone if you never clean them up. And your iPhone storage space will be taken up by the pile-up voice mails, which results in slower running speed of your iPhone. If you don't want your iPhone space become smaller and smaller due to the accretion of useless voicemails, you are supposed to organize your voicemail files and wipe some of them from your iPhone device. What's more? Only when you permanently erase voicemails can you protect your privacy from leaking out.


how to delete voicemail messages


In response to those situations, we are planning to provide you with four different solutions to delete your iPhone voicemail files.


Part 1. How to Delete Voicemail Messages on iPhone One by One


The built-in feature in the Phone app supports you to directly erase your iPhone voice mails individually.


Step 1. Turn on your iPhone and the tap on the Phone app on the Home screen


Step 2. Choose the "Voicemail" option to proceed


Step 3. Tap on a voicemail and then swipe to left


Step 4. Wipe out the selected voicemail by tapping the "Delete" button in red


how to delete voicemail messages


Part 2. How to Delete Voicemail Messages on iPhone


iPhone also enable you to clear massive voicemail data as follows.


Step 1. Go to Phone app and tap "Voicemail" in your iPhone


Step 2. Tap on "Edit".


Step 3. Simultaneously tap on multiple red minus buttons with multiple touch points


Step 4. Tap the "Delete" button to remove


how to delete voicemail messages


Part 3. How to Completely Delete iPhone Voicemails on Phone App


If you use the above solutions to delete your delete voicemails, you can still get them back from iPhone. The reason is that the deleted files are just sent to a recycle bin in your smartphone. If you want to completely erase voicemail out of your iPhone, please do the succeeding steps.


Step 1. Navigate to "Voicemail"


Step 2. Tap on "Deleted Messages" after scrolling down the iPhone screen


Step 3. Erase all the previously deleted voicemails from iPhone by tapping "Clear All"


how to delete voicemail messages


Part 4. How to Delete Voicemail Messages Permanently


iOS Data Eraser is a handy application which supports to clear sensitive data like voicemail, call history, messages, and notes permanently and irrecoverably. Besides, it is capable to clear your deleted contents from your iPhone to ensure those files won't have any chance to recover. Now let's see how it cleans up iPhone voice mails.



Step 1. Download and install it iOS Data Eraser on your computer


Step 2. Run the program and attach your iPhone to computer


Step 3. Select "Erase Private Data"


Step 4. Select the files that you want to delete


Step 5. Click "Erase Now" to permanently clean up the selected voicemails from iPhone