How to Delete Emails on iPhone Mail App

The update of iOS 10 brings about not only fantastic new features for iPhone but also some bad changes in iPhone Mail app. Owing to iPhone's smaller workspace, Apple makes some adjustments to slow down the usage of easy communication. And those changes lead to some inconvenience on iPhone Mail app. For example, you can't find the "Trash All" feature on your iPhone Mail app in iOS 10. Therefore, if you don't know how to delete emails on iPhone Mail app, please take a few minutes to read this article. We will introduce two methods for you to remove email files with the Mail app instead of iOS Data Eraser - a handy third party application that helps you to easily erase iPhone mail messages. PS: iOS Data Eraser is capable of clearing unwanted file to free up iPhone space.

how to delete emails on iPhone 

Unlike iOS 9, iOS 10 doesn't have the "Trash All" option to delete all mail files. Hence you can't simply and directly remove all your email data in Sent mail, Drafts mail and Inbox from iPhone. Since iPhone which upgrades to iOS 10 doesn't fit with such kinds of feature, you are supposed to delete your iPhone email data in other ways. Below are two methods to wipe mail files from iPhone.


Method 1. How to Delete Emails on iPhone Mail App Respectively


iOS 10 still supports you to remove all data in the "Trash" and "Junk" folders by clicking "Delete All". But this version of iOS disables to clean all data in the Draft, Inbox and Sent with one click. In other words, you should select and remove your emails one by one as below.


Step 1. Open Emails on your iPhone and then navigate to "Inbox", "Draft" or "Sent"


Step 2. Pick out the emails that you want to erase


Step 3. Go to "Move > Trash" to delete your mail data

how to delete emails on iPhone 


Method 2. How to Delete Emails on iPhone Mail App Wholly


Actually, iPhone fitted with iOS 10 provides you with a chance to simply clear all email files without the "Trash All" link on Mail app.


Step 1. Tap the "Inbox", "Send" or "Draft" mailboxes


Step 2. Tap on the "Edit" option on the top corner


Step 3. Select an email and then hit on the "Move" option on the bottom


Step 4. Let go the "Move" to uncheck the email that you choose


After that, you will enter a screen which prompts you to migrate your email messages to other folders like "Trash" and "Junk".


Step 5. Click Edit > Delete All after moving all emails to trash


Step 6. Go to Trash folder and clean all emails.


Do you have any idea of how to empty trash on iPhone? Once you put emails into the trash, you can erase out all mails in Inbox from iPhone at one time.

how to delete emails on iPhone