2 Simple Ways to Delete All Photos from iCloud

My iCloud Photo Library keeps too many duplicated and unwanted photos. Those photos are eating up my iCloud storage space. So I decide to delete all iCloud photos to free up iCloud space. However, I don't want to delete photo one by one. I am wonder whether there is a way to help me empty my iCloud Photo Library with less effort?

- Asked by Joseph in iPhonedata Support Community


If you want to get rid of cumbersome photo data in iCloud, maybe you can back up important iCloud photos onto your computer and then delete all photos from iCloud. The will help you to save a great deal of time and energy since you can simple and quickly wipe out unwanted photos together as well as rebuild significant photo files to your new and empty iCloud Photo Library. Here are two ways to help you remove all iCloud photos easily.


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Method 1. How to Delete All Photos on iCloud with IPhone Data Transfer


iPhone Data Transfer is such an all-in-one iCloud content management tool. It helps you to clear up all iCloud photos at once. You use it to erase all photos from iCloud. Now, follow steps below to remove all photos from iCloud with iPhone Data Transfer.


Step 1. Download and launch iPhone Data Transfer

Step 2. Click iCloud Content

Step 3. Sign in your iCloud account

Step 4. Scroll down and then click on Photos

Step 3. Check the box as we show to select all photos

Step 5. Click Delete to wipe iCloud photos


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Note: With turning on two-step VERIFICATION, Apple will not let you log in your iCloud account on a third-party app. Therefore, you should turn it off beforehand.


Bonus info: As a good iCloud content manager, iPhone Data Transfer is capable of powerful functions to help you manage iCloud content in an extremely simple way as below.


1. Spports deleting multiple or all unwanted iOS contents from iCloud at once. So, with iPhone Data Transfer you can easily delete all your iCloud photos.


2. Supports managing kinds of iCloud contents, including Photos, Contacts, Notes, Calendars, Reminders, etc.


3. Enables you to upload data from computer/iDevice to iCloud, export data from iCloud to computer, and transfer data from one iCloud to another iCloud directly.




Method 2. How to Remove All Photos from iCloud via iCloud.com


This method allows you to directly delete all photo on your iCloud account.


Step 1. Open a browser on your computer

Step 2. Log into your Apple ID account at iCloud.com.

Step 3. Click on Photos.

Step 4. Choose "All Photos" album

Step 5. Click the photo data one by one to select with pressing Command on Mac or Ctrl on PC

Step 6. Click Delete button at the top right to delete all iCloud photos


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