How to Delete All Messages on iPhone

Apart from receiving important info in the Message apps like iMessages from other people, such as your friends and families, you will also get unwanted messages as spams or advertising messages. Some people like to remove junk messages as soon as possible. Some people won't delete the unnecessary messages immediately. And some people just want to find out an effective way on how to delete all messages on iPhone with simple steps.

As a matter of fact, it is essential to clean messages box in iPhone in order to prevent messages files from taking up too much iPhone space. If you keep every message on iPhone's internal storage, your iPhone's running speed will get slower and slower. For the sake of helping iPhone users to know more about how to delete messages on iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and so on, we pick out four typical eraser ways to make presentations.


 how to delete all messages on iPhone

Way 1. Separately Remove Peculiar Message from iPhone Device


Step 1. Detect the messages which you want to delete after entering the conversation

Step 2. Hold down a message up till you see a menu pops up and then choose "More"

Step 3. Click the circle icon that is next to the messages which you want to delete

Step 4. Delete a message by tapping the trash can icon


how to delete all messages on iPhone


Way 2. How to Delete All Messages on iPhone with iOS Data Eraser

iOS Data Eraser supports to clean up and remove unneeded files on iPhone with simple clicks. It is capable to irrecoverably erase all the text message on iPhone. You can use this cleaning program to clear message thread either individually or massively.



Step 1. Download and install iOS Data Eraser on a computer


Step 2. Launch the program and plug your iPhone into the computer


Step 3. Select "Erase Private Data" to scan your iPhone files

how to delete all messages on iPhone with iOS Data Transfer

Step 4. Browse the messages in iOS Data Eraser and tick the message items that you wish to remove


Step 5. Click on the "Erase Now" button

how to delete all messages on iPhone with iOS Data Transfer


Way 3. How to Delete All Messages on iPhone via the iMessages App


You can use the in-build feature in iMessage app to wipe out multiple messages. If you apply it to remove all iPhone message contents, you are supposed to manually trash them as below.


Step 1. Turn on iPhone and then tap the Messages app


Step 2. Press the "Edit" option


Step 3. Find the message that you desired to remove


Step 4. Clean multiple messages by tapping the trash bin icon


Way 4. How to Delete All Messages on iPhone in iOS 8


Step 1. Navigate to "Settings > Messages"


Step 2. Go to "Message History" and pinpoint your messages by choosing different time spans like 30 Days, 1 Year, and Forever


Step 3. Click on the "Delete" button to confirm


In addition, your deleted messages may be placed in iPhone's database waiting for covered and you can find those erased message files with Spotlight. Therefore, you had better use iOS Data Eraser to clear your iPhone again if you want to permanently remove message conversations.