How to Clear iPhone Cache to Free up Space?

As your iPhone is running with more and more apps, it needs care and maintenance. Otherwise, it will get clogged and will not function as smoothly as it used to. The reason lies in the lack of storage space as the apps are taking a large amount of storage space and they generate more and more cached files. These include app caches, browsing caches, cookies, temporary files and corrupted junks. Although these caches are designed to speed up some certain app, they are mostly not necessary but will still occupy a lot of space. So how to clear iPhone cache so as to free up more space?


It is suggested that iPhone users should uninstall the unnecessary apps, delete unwanted files and clear caches from time to time. If not acquiring proper care, your iPhone will just not do as you expect it to. It is not a good idea to clear all iPhone caches manually as there are dozens of apps on your iPhone. You need another app to help you do this tedious job. iPhone Cleaner is the exact tool to help you clear all app caches at the same time.




Now follow below tutorials and you will find out how to clear iPhone cache easily.


Step 1: Download & Install iPhone Cleaner

Download iPhone Cleaner from above and install it on your computer.


Step 2: Start Cleaner & Connect Devices

Run iPhone Cleaner and connect your iPhone with the computer via USB cable. And the app installed on your computer will detect your iPhone.

connect iPhone and PC 

Step 3: Choose Erasing Mode

Now you should choose an erasing mode and then click “Erase Now” to clear the caches on your iPhone.

clear iPhone cache