How to Clear iOS App Cache on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch?

Before we make the final decision to buy a new device such as iPhone, we usually do some research on pricing, configuration, storage space and other key parameters. And the price goes high as the performance is better. For example, the price of iPhone 7 with 64 GB is lower than that with 128 GB. And taking the price into consideration, you decided to buy the 64 GB model. You download and install many apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and mobile games. And the app caches expand on your iPhone and take up a lot of storage space, which slow down your iPhone. So you make another decision to change your phone and buy a better one. And you are going to sell the old phone. But for the sake of privacy, you need to erase all data on your old phone, including app caches. So how to clear iOS app cache from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch?


Cached files are generated by an app to accelerate it when you visit this app next time. For some apps especially games whose cache can be the game process, which will let you load games easily. And the cached files generated by communication tools will be combined with browser to display the website on your iPhone. Yet, cache stores a large amount of data and will take up a lot of space on your iPhone. And what’s more, your privacy and personal info are stored within the cached files. If you want to sell the iPhone to others, you need to not only erase the visible files but also erase iPhone cached files and memories generated by apps. Otherwise, your privacy will be exposed to others. iOS Data Eraser is designed to help you erase any data on your device completely and permanently, which means the data is unrecoverable. So before you clear data with our software, you’d better make a full backup to your computer, iTunes or iCloud.



How to Clear App Caches on iOS Devices?


Step 1: Install & Run App

After you download iOS Data Eraser from the website, install the app on your computer and run the app.


Step 2: Connect iOS with PC

Now you will need to connect your iOS device with the computer. You will need the USB data cable. And remember to keep iOS Data Eraser running during the whole process. And when you manage to connect the devices, the data erasing software will detect your iOS device.

clear iOS app cache - connect iPhone and PC


Step 3: Choose Erasing Type

Next you will need to choose what type of data to erase. You can clear only caches and cookies by choosing “Erase Private Data” or choose “Erase All Data” to clear all data on your iOS device.

clear iOS app cache

All in all, this is a good program to clear iOS app cache