How to clear Facebook Cache with iOS Data Eraser?

Do you notice that your iPhone runs slower and slower as time goes by? Apart from the damage of iPhone hardware, apps and caches will slow down the operating speed on iPhone as well. Caches will accumulate as long as an app is launched. Therefore, you need to delete app caches at a regular interval in case that your iPhone storage space is occupied by those unless caches.


This article will mainly talk about Facebook cache on iPhone and how to erase cache data with an extremely handy tool - iOS Data Eraser.




Facebook is one of the best online social network apps which are used by people all over the world. If you are a Facebook user, you probably utilize Facebook app very frequently, which will generate a large number of caches on your iPhone. The Facebook cache will take up iPhone space so that you are supposed to remove cache files in order to speed up your iPhone. There is no doubt that you can uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app to wipe caches out. However, that will make you lose other Facebook data like chat history, photos, text, video, accessories and so on.


We recommend you to clear Facebook cache with iOS Data Eraser. This software will help you to simply clean all cache data that are brought about by Facebook, Twitter, Kik, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Furthermore, iOS Data Eraser supports to remove other iPhone data such as contacts, notes, apps, text messages, call logs and more. It is an ultimate data eraser program to perfectly delete data on iPhone.



Main Functions of iOS Data Eraser

1. Clear useless app files like Facebook cache and junk files

2. Permanently erase private data on iDevice

3. Remove data from iDevice, including contacts, apps, messages, photos, videos, call history

4. Free up storage space on iDevice

5. Compatible with iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad Air iPad Pro, iPad, ect.


How to Clear Facebook Caches on iPhone by Using iOS Data Eraser


First and foremost, you ought to download and install iOS Data Eraser onto your PC or Mac. Below are the detail steps.


Step 1. Open iOS Data Eraser and then plug your iPhone into your computer


Step 2. Select the "iOS Optimizer" icon

clear Facebook cache on iPhone 

Step 3. Click on the "App Generated Files" button and hit "Start Scan"


iOS Data Eraser will begin to scan your iPhone. After that, you will see all the scanned files.

clear Facebook cache on iPhone


Step 4. Choose caches that you expect to delete in iOS Data Eraser

clear Facebook caches on iPhone 


Step 5. Click on the "CleanUp" button


It will need a few minutes to clear your Facebook cache. Your iPhone space will be released when the whole erasing process is complete.