How to Clear Cache on iPhone for More Space?

If you buy a new iPhone and sell your old iPhone but you don’t know how to clear cache on iPhone or your old iPhone gives you a warning "Its storage is almost full". You may deleted what you don’t need, but still don’t know how to clear the data thoroughly. Today I recommend a useful software ---- iPhone Data Eraser. It is designed for iPhone users to clean cache such as photos, videos, apps, contacts, messages, and other data.

Download the free and trial version of it and have a try. And let me introduce how to clear cache on iPhone.



Step 1: Launch iPhone Data Eraser and connect your iPhone

Download and launch the iPhone Data Eraser on the computer. Make sure your iPhone link to your PC. And your iPhone can be detected automatically.


Step 2: Choose "Erase All Data on Device" in the window of program

A list will be displayed on the left of the window. You want to clean iPhone, so you should choose"Erase All Data".


Step 3: Select the mode

It provide 3 types of mode to choose, "High level", "Medium level" and "Low level". I suggest to use "Medium level". Because it is often used by most common users because it will overwrite the memory space with junk data to ensure that the files are not recoverable. And the interface shows below.

Note: Remember backup the data which you need.


Step 4: Start to Erase all data on your device now

All data are chosen. Click "Erase Now". All data will be completely deleted in a few minutes.

clear cache on iPhone

The above tutorial shows iPhone Data Eraser is easy to operate. What's more, other useless contacts, call history, photos, videos, messages can also be erased out of iPhone. You should try it!