Can Factory Settings Delete iPhone Data Permanently?

With the fast speed of smartphone development, many people have some smartphones which are left unused at home. Although there are various approaches for recycling mobile phones in stores or on the internet, lots of people are not willing to sell their phones. Because they are very worried about data security. And they are wondering if they can delete iPhone data permanently by Factory Settings.


Giving old mobile phones away without completely clean would become a big threat to daily life security.


Alice, a pink collar in New York, says that her families and friend received scam text messages after she sold her unused smartphone recently. Alice likes trying new digital products very much. Lately, she sold her old iPhone to a recycling store after buying a new cell phone. At that moment, she was sure to erase data on iPhone by using Factory Settings. She totally didn’t expect that troubles arrived in succession!


A week later, Alice’s families and friends received messages saying she was so badly in need of money that she wanted to borrow some. Some of Alice’s families and friends called Alice for confirming. However, some of them lent money without confirming with her. Alice realized her families and friends was trapped when those people contacted with her next day. Alice thought that her personal information probably was leaked out because she didn’t delete iPhone data permanently.


In fact, data security has become a great concern among iPhone users. According to a social research, 61% interviewees said that how to deal with data on iPhone which sits idle is the most important issue they care about. Furthermore, some of those interviewees want an app that can solve this threat on erasing data. So that they can wipe iPhone for resale and never be worried leakage of privacy.

Is there any app’s function better than Factory Settings? Does this app really erase phone data completely and irrecoverably? Well, there is!


The app is iOS Data Eraser. It is able to perfectly erase iPhone data such as photos, videos, call logs, messages contacts and so on.


Below are the steps that show how iOS Data Eraser works to delete iPhone data permanently.



Step 1. Connect iPhone to PC

Make sure you already connect the device via USB.


Step 2. Choose “Erase All Data”

After you click “Erase All Data”, a dialog box will pop up and you need to type “delete” into the box in order to confirm your requirment.

delete iPhone data permanently 

Step 3. Click “ Erase Now ” to Wipe All Your iPhone Data.

PS: If you want to wipe iPhone for resale by using iOS Data Eraser, please remember to back up your important data on iPhone first. Otherwise, you can’t ger it back no matter how you regret.