How to Block or Unblock on Instagram

Have you ever block someone on Instagram? Do you want to do unblock on Instagram? Read our post, and your will know how to do them both simply and quickly.


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Part 1. How to Block People on Instagram for iOS Device


Instagram is an amazing tool for people to have instant communication. It make people get closer. However, there is not just good things happen in Instagram. You may encounter pesky messages as well. For example, you may get someone annoying pestering you on Instagram. If you want to block those persons so that you don't have to deal with them anymore. If you want to talk to them again, you can unblock Instagram. Now let's start with the block function on Instagram.


1. Visit the profile of the user you wish to block from the Instagram mobile app.

2. Tap on the Ellipsis button.

3. Tap on the red Block button from the menu.

4. Confirm your choice by tapping on the blue Block button in the pop-up that appears.

5. Tap on the blue Dismiss button in the confirmation message.


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Part 2. How to Unblock People on Instagram


Assuming that you blocked your boss or you wanted to prevent someone from being notified about your Instagram posts, they won't be able to find your profile. However, sometimes you just need to unblock them on your Instagram. In this tutorial, we will show you how to unblock on Instagram without effort.


1. Find the blocked user in Instagram

You can tap Search use people search: on the search tab > People and type the user name over Search people.


2. Tap the profile you want to unblock

You can use the succeeding ways to quickly open a user's profile:

l  Tap the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen to open the Search tab, then type in the user that you want to search for.

l  Navigate to your feed, recommended list, comments section, or direct message conversation and tap on the user's name.


3. Now tap the menu button

The button is different on different device. On iOS is "...", on Android and Windows is ""


4.Select Unblock from the menu that has appeared

You need to select "Block User" (iOS) or "Block" (Android).

On iOS and Windows, tap Unblock under “Unblock User?” to confirm.

On Android, tap Yes, I'm sure under “Are you sure?” to unblock on Instagram


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As a great social app, Instagram supports to share our lives, or business with others around the world. But sometimes we have no appetite to show our picture or video to some specific people, for some personal reasons, but just for a while. In this situation, Instagram has the Block feature to achieve it. Likewise, you can unblock on Instagram as above simply and quickly.