Better Way to Get Data Transfer from iPhone to Samsung

Remember that fight between iPhone 7 and Galaxy Note 7? iPhone 7 gained a complete victory because of a bug in Galaxy Note 7. This year, iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are probably released in a close time. These two smartphone models may become competitive with each other in the next couple months. Will Samsung win this battle? Or will iPhone still sweep the board this time?


If you want to change your iPhone 7 to Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you should find a reliable way to switch your data between these two types of smartphones. You should choose a better way to transfer from iPhone to Samsung, so that your contacts and other important data can totally appear in your new Samsung.


Samsung and iPhone have totally distinct operating systems. Samsung supports Android, but iPhone uses iOS. That makes phone users can’t have their iPhone and Samsung data switched without any help of software. In that case, many applications sprang up like mushrooms. Among those apps, Phone to Phone Transfer is one of the best iPhone transfer software.


This software can support plentiful devices including iPhone, Samsung and Nokia. With it, you are no longer worried about transferring data phone to phone.


How to Transfer from iPhone to Samsung with Phone to Phone Transfer?

Step 1. Select “Phone to Phone Transfer” mode

When you enter an interface as below, you will see this software offers four modes. You can use it to transfer, restore, backup and erase your phone data! If you want to switch data from phone to phone, you should choose to click “Phone to Phone Transfer” mode.

transfer from iPhone to Samsung 

Step 2. Start to Transfer

Look at the following picture. In this step, you need to confirm you have tick items which you want to move data from iOS from Android. Lastly, click the button “Start Copy”.

transfer from iPhone to Samsung

Other Info about Phone to Phone Transfer.

This software provides a secure and clean environment for users. Thus, users’ privacy won’t be leaked out at any level. Moreover, it is compatible for various brands of smartphone! Not only can it transfer from iPhone to Samsung, but also it can  move data to Symbian. Besides, Phone and Phone Transfer can switch data between two iPhones.


By using this software, you can transfer iPhone 7 to Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Or you can transfer data from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8. Phone to Phone Transfer will be an essential tool for your recent purchased smartphone.