Best Solutions to WhatsApp Image Recovery for iPhone

Before I go deep forward today's main topic - Best solution to WhatsApp image recovery, I would like to first talk something about WhatsApp and how it changes our daily life and the way of communication.


Because of its powerful features and the convenience it brings to users, WhatsApp has become an integral part of the everyday communication. Before WhatsApp, can you imagine any app that can create such a decent communication way? So far, WhatsApp has served a countless number of mobile users across the planet who are able to easily text messages and send files to the other side of the world, creating a live contact as if they were chatting in the flesh. Unlike text messages that allow you to send plain text content, WhatsApp makes the conversation more vivid by enabling you to use rich media such as photos, videos and cooked expressions. And that's the most attractive part of this revolutionary communcation tool.

best solutions to whatsapp image recovery


WhatsApp is now available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms. And as an easily accesible app, WhatsApp is also free to use, which means you are able to stay in touch with almost all your friends without paying a cent to your service provider. All you need to do is make sure your device is connected with network, for example, WiFi.


According to the report, most users would like to use images especially expression images while chatting with others via WhatsApp. If you are one of them, you must have a lot of attached images of WhatsApp on your iPhone. There must be some or more images that you love a lot and you want to keep them for later conversions. In the same way you lose or delete images on the device, you might also have the chance to lose the WhatsApp images. So you might need an effective WhatsApp image recovery solution to regain the images.


Losing your favorite WhatsApp images is really depressing and it's just a little like a knife stabbing into your heart. What can be even worse is that it's never easy to recover lost WhatsApp images on your iPhone. That sounds discouraging, but not until you have a sound solution. So what is the best solution to WhatsApp data recovery for your iPhone? After you finish reading this article, you will be relieved from the stressful condition. Now go through the below tutorials to learn how to recover your beloved WhatsApp images and other data. This will make you feel like an expert when you come across similar cases in the future.

Solution 1: Recover WhatsApp via iOS Data Recovery without Backup

If you happen to find no backup of your WhatsApp, you will need another WhatsApp image recovery solution. A powerful recovery app like iOS Data Recovery is your wise choice. For one thing, this app requires no backup to recover almost all iPhone data including WhatsApp images, contacts, messages and videos; for another thing, it enables you to retrieve deleted data directly from the iPhone with ease.


1 Start iOS Data Recovery on your computer and choose "Data Recovery" when you launch on the user interface.

2 Connect your iPhone with the computer via USB cable.

3 Choose recovery mode - Recover from iOS Device, and enable scanning process.

4 Select and preview data from scanning results, click "Recover" to start the iPhone WhatsApp data recovery.




Solution 2: Restore Deleted WhatsApp with Backup

There are two methods that can help you restore deleted WhatsApp data using backup you created before. And here are the guidelines for WhatsApp recovery iPhone solution.


Method 1: Uninstall & Reinstall WhatsApp

The most simple and straightforward way to restore deleted WhatsApp data is to uninstall WhatsApp app and then reinstall it on your iPhone. Once you do that, you will enable the app to use all the backup files and restore them back onto your device.

Method 2:  Restore WhatsApp using WhatsApp Backup

WhatsApp itself stores its backup files by the name, msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt. And you can find it here on your iPhone: net.whatsapp.WhatsApp/Documents/ChatStorage.sqlite

1 Launch the web service

2 Click on the Select SQLite File > choose the backup file > click on I Accept > click on Scan button. 3 Click on the appropriate tab to recover the lost data.


And after you complete above steps for the iPhone WhatsApp image recovery, you can find the images back on your iPhone again.