Best iTunes Alternative to Transfer iPhone Photos to PC

Despite of the strong launches of smartphones of Android brands such as HUAWEI and Samsung, Apple iPhone is still one of the most popular smartphones in the market. And the rumors of iPhone 8 have stirred up big noise in the mobile world. It is known to us all that iPhone is featured with its camera which offers splendid effects for photographing. Instead of SLR, iPhone users now prefer to take photos with their iPhones. And with so many high quality photos on the iPhone, they would like to keep a backup of these photos on PCs to save them there in case of any accident. So how to transfer iPhone photos to PC? That’s the question a lot of users are asking.


When it comes to the issue of transferring photos from iPhone to computer, there is no doubt that the first solution comes to your mind is iTunes. Indeed, iTunes allows you to sync iPhone data to your computer running Windows and Mac. Yet, many iPhone users are worrying if iTunes would update to work with the latest Windows 10. So many of you might wonder if there is a direct way to transfer iPhone photos to PC running Windows 10 or later, without using iTunes. Maybe you will think of iCloud. But we all know that for each Apple ID, iCloud has a limitation of transferring no more than 1000 pieces of photos.


Well, if you had to ask what the most effective way to transfer iPhone photos to PC is, I would recommend you a direct and easy - transfer from iPhone to PC using the best iTunes alternative: iPhone Manager. So what makes this program so popular? Below are the main features of iPhone Manager:



- Export music and playlist from iPhone/iPad/iPod to iTunes library.

- Transfer photo/movies/podcast/voice memo/audiobooks back to Mac

- Seamlessly manage and edit media library without iTunes.

- No need to sync iTunes after changes .

- Export the messages and save as Excel, text and html.

- Export contacts to csv or vcf format for further use.

- Edit the name, artist, album, genre and artwork of multimedia files.

- It can automatically delete repeated contacts on your iPhone or iTunes.

- Edit and merge contacts

transfer iphone photos to pc 

In addition to the above, the most obvious advantage of iPhone Manager over iTunes is that it can do what iTunes can do and what iTunes can’t do. This best iTunes alternative enables you to transfer unpaid music and video files, which iTunes can never enable you to.


Apart from viewing photos on a larger screen and freeing up iPhone storage space, backing up your iPhone for later restoring is another major reason of transferring iPhone photos to PC. However, while restoring backup from computer to iPhone using iTunes, all the photos, music, ringtones, iBooks and other media files you synced to your iPhone will be erased. That means, you are required to select all the photos you want to transfer and save them in one folder before restoring. 


Now with the help iPhone Manager, all above problems can be solved. This iPhone data transfer program will enable you to transfer iPhone photos to PC or vice versa without any hassle. In addition, iPhone Manager can also used for iPad and iPod Touch, with the same features.

transfer iphone photos between iOS devices