Backup and Transfer from iPhone to Mac without WannaCry Attack

For the past few days, the whole world has been talking about the super-charged ransomware - WannaCry. And in just a few days, a lot of computers have been crippled by this cyber attack. Unlike previous ransomware that is spread through emails that are sent massively to target unwary individuals, WannaCry can get computers infected once they are connected to network. According to the report, this virus only targets at Windows computers without updates and patches installed, but it has not spread among Mac so far. If you want to backup your iPhone to computers, it is safer to transfer from iPhone to Mac.



Once attacked by WannaCry, your computer will lock up the files and encrypts them in a way that you cannot access them anymore. Then you will get a ransom demand asking for payment in bitcoin currency. You must pay for it to get access to your computer, but who knows, after all there is no guarantee. The worst situation is that you will need to format your computer. There are measures to prevent the ransomware if your computer has not been attacked. And it is good to make backup of important files on your computer.


It’s not surprising that extortion virus spreads to the iOS jailbreak operation system since it is a system with vulnerability. And Apple has been always suggesting its users to back up their iOS devices. And it is a good idea to transfer from iPhone to Mac that has not been attacked WannaCry. Here I would recommend you a professional data transfer app for iDevices - iPhone Manager.


With this iOS data transfer software, you are able to backup iPhone to PC as well as  manage and transfer all data from you iPhone to your Mac computer. The data types include contacts, text messages, iMessages, WhatsApp, notes, calendars, photos, videos, music files, etc.



And below are the step-by-step tutorials on how to transfer from iPhone to Mac. Before you get started, please download iPhone Manager from below.




How to Transfer from iPhone to Mac using iPhone Manager?

Step 1: Start iPhone Manager

Now you should install iPhone Manager on your Mac computer and once you do that, start this iPhone to PC transfer app. And you will enter into the user interface.


Step 2: Connect Your iPhone to Mac

In this step, you are supposed to connect you iPhone to your Mac device. You can plug the iPhone to the Mac via USB data cable. And follow the instruction of debugging to connect the devices.


Step 3: Manage & Transfer Data to Mac

Once your iPhone is connected to the Mac, iPhone Manager will scan your iPhone and display all data on the user interface. There you can click the data type to manage the data and select what you want to back up. After that, you can click “Export” and choose an output folder on your Mac, and iPhone Manager will start to transfer from iPhone to Mac.

transfer from iPhone to Mac