Backup iPhone to PC, iTunes or iCloud

Accidents happen! You cannot tell what will happen in the next second, so it would be better to take precautions. It seems that most people can’t live without the mobile devices. For most people, a mobile device such as iPhone is as important as air. Since you use your iPhone so often, it is inevitable for you to drop it on the ground or into water. And you could lose everything on your iPhone. Heartbreaking, right? Besides, you may lose something important on your iPhone due to wrong hand, accident deletion, OS crash, update failure, jailbreak failure, malicious virus attack, etc. That’s why you need to back up your iPhone.


It is painful to start with a new phone after you lose it, and losing data could be worse. So it’s high time you took action before it’s too late. And that’s why I focus on the topic of backing up your iPhone. There are different ways to back up iPhone. You can backup iPhone to PC, iTunes library, iCloud, Google Drive and so on. Before you back up your iDevice, it’s worth taking a little forethought to decide which way is the most suitable for you.


Solution 1: Backup iPhone to PC using iOS Manager

The rising of iOS data management app makes it possible to backup iPhone without icloud or iTunes. iOS Manager, which can be iPhone Manager, iPad Manager and iPod Manager, is compatible with all iOS devices, despite of models and versions. With the help of this app, you can backup iPhone to PC very easily. All data including unpaid music and video files can be backed up, let alone photos, contacts, messages, iMessage, WhatsApp, notes, call logs, calendars and so on.



The operation is simple due to its intuitive interface, which will require a few steps. You just need to start the program on PC, connect iPhone to PC, select data type and start backup process. And iOS Manager offers a reversed feature that allows you to restore the backup to your iDevice with ease. It’s the most powerful and popular solution among iOS users though it costs you a little. You can download and test the free trial version before you make the decision.

backup iphone to pc



Solution 2: Backup iPhone to iTunes library

Using iTunes to back up iOS device is the common way. And this is also the ideal way for most users unless they need to back up unpaid files or files from other sources rather than Apple store. The backup process using iTunes is simple and you need to connect your iPhone to PC where iTunes is installed. But make sure the iTunes installed is of the latest version. It is suggested that you should enable the 'Encrypt backup' option since this will also save your passwords and other settings. You are required to set a password to encrypt the backup and when you need to access the backup later, you just need to input the password.

backup iphone to itunes library



Solution 3: Backup iPhone to iCloud

iCloud is also a way worth trying if you want to back up your iPhone. This solution depends largely on network condition, so make sure your WIFI connection is good enough while backing up. It is ideal when the file size of your backup is not too large. This is because iCloud offers only 5 GB of free storage for each Apple ID, but not each device. And backing up using iCloud will include all data on your iDevice, leaving no selective option for you. If you have multiple devices, the storage will be occupied soon. If you want to expand the storage space of your iCloud, you will need to pay more for it: 50GB will cost $1 per month and 200GB is an extra $3 per month.

backup iphone to icloud


No matter which solution you will choose, backup iPhone to PC, iTunes or iCloud, I hope this article would be helpful to you.