Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer - Phone to Phone Transfer

I guess that you probably expect to have an Android WhatsApp to iPhone transfer solution since you are reading this post. Well, here is a great WhatsApp transfer tool for you to migrate WhatsApp files from Android device to iPhone and vice visa. The tool is known as Phone to Phone Transfer. It is one of the most powerful WhatsApp transfer apps that enables you to directly move WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone on computer. It is secure and handy for smartphone users to copy their WhatsApp chat between Android and iPhone.


What are the main features of Phone to Phone Transfer?

1. Directly transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

2. Move WhatsApp messages, photos, videos and other attachments from Android to PC

3. Back up WhatsApp chat from Android to PC or Mac

4. Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Sony Ericsson, LG and so on

Android WhatsApp to iPhone 


According to the feature mentioned above, you may realize that Phone to Phone Transfer is designed for phone users to transfer Android WhatsApp to iPhone onto computer straightforwardly. You can backup your WhatsApp Messages from handset to a certain folder on computer as well. Moreover, you can export WhatsApp chat history to computer and print out by using Phone to Phone Transfer. With this WhatsApp transfer software, you can freely swap your Android mobile phone for iPhone and you can transfer WhatsApp data without complicated and cumbersome operations!


The rest parts of this article will focus on elaborating on how to transfer Android WhatsApp to iPhone with the help of Phone to Phone Transfer. You can follow the tutorial after you download and install Phone to Phone Transfer to your personal computer.



How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone

Step 1. Launching

You should launch Phone to Phone Transfer and then click "More tools" button


Step 2. Choosing

You are required to choose the "Transfer WhatsApp Messages" option on the following window.



Step 3. Connecting

You need to connect your Android device and iPhone to PC or Mac via USB cable



Step 4. Clicking

Now you can simply click on the "Transfer" button on the lower right corner. The whole transferring process may take a few minutes. You should be patient and keep both Android and iPhone connecting into computer.


So far as I am concerned, Phone to Phone Transfer is a convenient tool for people who expect to migrate WhatsApp files between iPhone and Android.