Top Android to Android Data Transfer Software Free Download

Getting a brand new Android phone is fun, but setting it up and copying data from the old phone to the new one could be a pain, if you miss up some tricks. It’s exciting to use a new phone because it works faster and might offer you new features. But you can’t just leave the data especially those of importance on your old phone, you would try to move them to the new phone. There are a lot of ways out there for you to transfer data between Android phones.


Most of you would first think whether it’s possible to connect the two devices directly via USB and use them as USB drivers. But Android devices do not offer such a feature to support your fancy idea. So backing up or syncing data with another device seems more practicable as long as you have network; but this requires you to make a full backup of everything but doesn’t ensure you an intact data due to network condition and other factors. Besides, it takes quite much time.


Optionally, you can transfer data from the old Android phone to your computer via USB cable and then transfer them from the computer to your new devices. However, this staged method of data transfer has its shortcoming: you can only transfer media files, documents and other obvious files, yet, you are not allowed to move data like contacts, messages, call history, calendar events, web browser bookmarks.


Recent Android phones are integrated with NFC hardware and support Android Beam that allows you to transfer data between phones and tablets. If you want to use this method, you need to make sure both of your Android phones support NFC and Android Beam at the same time; otherwise, you will have to seek for other solutions.



To help you detour possible inconvenience, here I would recommend you use Android to Android data transfer software - Phone to Phone Transfer. With such a tool, you don’t need to worry about poor network condition or losing data while transferring data between two devices. It’s more direct and faster! All you need is your Android phones, computer, our Android data transfer app and USB data cables. No backup or Internet is required!


It’s easy to operate and can be done in 3 steps within a few minutes. Now you can download the software and install it on your computer before you get started. Now for your convenience, we have developed both Windows and Mac version for you to choose. You can transfer everything or selective data including text content and media files.

android to android data transfer software - supported data types


3 Steps to transfer content from Android to Android

1. Start & Run App on PC

After you install the data transfer software on your computer, start it to enter the user interface and choose “Phone to Phone Transfer”. And you will enter into the next screen.

android to android data transfer software - user interface 

2. Connect Android Phones to PC

Now you will need to connect both Android phones with the computer via USB cables. And once you connect them, Phone to Phone Transfer will recognize your phones and will show the phone info like model on the screen.

android to android data transfer software - transfer data


3. Select & Transfer Data

In this step, you will need to select what you want to transfer. You can select all data or some types of data. And after that, click “Start Copy” to transfer data from phone to phone.



With the help of this Android data transfer app, you are not only able to transfer content from Android to Android, but also transfer from iPhone to iPhone, from Android to iPhone or vice versa.

android to android data transfer software - supported devices