How to Search Text on iPhone in Four Ways

It is common that iPhone users use iMessage, SMS or MMS to text their families, friends and colleagues. As time goes by, text data on iPhone will accumulate and become too large to easily access to. In that case, you need to spend a wealth of time to find a previous text message on iPhone. If you want to simplify the searching process to save time, you can try this four different ways in the following paragraphs.

search text messages on iPhone


Method 1. How to Search Text on iPhone with Spotlight Search


The most familiar way to search text message is to use Spotlight search function on your iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices.


Step 1. Turn on Spotlight Search for messages

You need to navigate to Settings > General > Spotlight Search and then turn on Messages on your iPhone.


Step 2. Open Spotlight Search menu on your iPhone by swiping the switch to the right


Step 3. Tap the search bar and type the keywords that you wish to find


Once you see the search results, you ought to slide down to scroll to detect the Messages on your phone.

search text messages on iPhone 

Note: You can even search your deleted texts with the help of Spotlight.


Method 2. How to Search Text on iPhone with Messages App


Step 1. Run Message app on your iPhone


Step 2. Search the message history by entering the keywords that are contained the info in your desire texts.


When the search results appear, you can simply open the message by tapping it on the Massage app.

search text messages on iPhone 


Method 3. How to Search Text on iPhone without Backup

Assuming that you want to read deleted message files on your iPhone, you should apply iOS Data Recovery onto your iOS device.


Step 1. Opt for "Recover from iOS Device" Option

Prior to selecting the "Recover from iOS Device" recovery mode, you need to launch iOS Data Recovery on a computer and then connect your iPhone onto the computer via a USB cord. After that, please click on the "Start Scan" button.


Step 2. Scan deleted message contents on iPhone

iOS Data Recovery will scan and analyze your iPhone device by auto.


Step 3. Search text messages on iPhone

After scanning, this program will put the scanned data in clear lists, including iMessage, SMS, MMS, notes, contacts, photos, videos, reminders, music and so on. Moreover, you can type some keywords in the search tab to find the exact text messages in iOS Data Recovery. Then you can get them back to your handset by click "Recover".

how to search text on iPhone


Method 4. How to Search Text on iPhone via iCloud Backup

iOS Data Recovery can also help you to search for deleted texts by extracting them from iCloud backup files. Below is a step-by-step tutorial.


Step 1.Get into "Recover from iCoud Backup" Mode

You ought to select "Recover from iCluod Backup" and then sign into your iCloud account.


Step 2. Download an iCloud Backup

You need to pick up an iCloud backup from all the backup files listed in iOS Data Recovery. Download the backup file and then locate your needed text data from the selected iCloud backup.


Step 3. Search deleted texts from iCloud Backup

You can preview the scanned texts to find the data that you are searching for. And then you can restore them to either your computer or iPhone.

how to search text on iPhone