How to Recover iCloud Password?

Apple ID and password are necessary for every iPhone users to sign in iCloud or download something from App Store or iTunes. You are impossible to access to iCloud account if you forget your iCloud passcode. In that case, you can try the following solutions to recover iCloud password.





Part 1. Reset iCloud Password with The Build-in Setting on iPhone


Step 1. Tap the Settings icon and then tap the "iCloud" button


Step 2. Type your Apple ID and go to "Forgot Apple ID or Password?"


Step 3. Enter your Apple ID and select the "Next" button


If you can't remember your Apple ID, you should reclaim the ID by choosing "Forgot Apple ID" and then entering your name and email address.


Step 4. Answer the security questions


Step 5. Reset your password

recover iCloud password via built-in settings 


Part 2. Recover iCloud Password Via the "My Apple ID" Page


Step 1. Get into


Step 2. Hit on the "Forgot Apple ID?" option


Step 3. Input your name and email address


Step 4. Click "Next" after entering an email address which you use for verification


Step 5. Select the "Reset by email"


Apple will send you an email to reset your passcode. Besides, you can directly reset it after choosing "Answer Security Questions".


recover iCloud password via My App ID page - iforgot 


Part 3. Reset Your Apple ID Password Via A Computer


This method provide you with two options to deal with the question about how to recover iCloud password


Plan A. Restore iCloud Password from Email


Step 1. Go to


Step 2. Type your Apple ID and then click "Continue"


Step 3. Opt for "I need to reset my password > Get an Email "


Step 4. Click the reset link on Recovery email which Apple sends to you


Plan B. Reset Password by Answering Security Questions


Step 1. Do the same thing as Step 1-2 in Plan A


Step 2. Choose "Answer security questions"


Step 3. Type your birth date and then enter a new password to recover iCloud password


recover iCloud password via security questions  


Part 4. Make a New iCloud Account


If you can't recall the recovery code of your Apple ID or the answers to the secret questions, you can create another iCloud account.


Step 1. Navigate to "Settings > iCloud > Get a free Apple ID"


Step 2. Choose "Next" after entering your birthday


Step 3. Choose to create a new iCloud email or use your existing email


Step 4. Make a password

recover iCloud password by creating new account 

Part 5. Retrieve Lost Data from iCloud


In case you want to restore data from iCloud backup after you recover iCloud password, you can utilize iOS Data Recovery which allows you to extract files from iCloud backups.



Step 1. Hit on the "Recover from iCloud Backup" button


You are required to enter your Apple ID and password after you choose to restore iPhone on iCloud backup files.



Step 2.Download a backup file


You ought to select and download an available iCloud backup and then click on the "Next" button.


Step 3. Restore lost data on iPhone  


You are able to preview all the data on the iCloud backup. Choose the ones that you want to get back and then click on the "Recvoer" button.


retrieve lost data from iCloud